Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hubbard Glacier

Funny thing is that the cruise helped spark my interest in glaciers. I hadn't really thought much about them until then. It is also serendipitous that I saw "Inconvenient Truth" a week after I returned.

I was going to add some photos of Hubbard Glacier that a fellow passenger sent me but I seem to have disposed of the link before downloading them. :( Oh well.

Visualize a tacky ship with a pool and a glacier in the distance. Hubbard Glacier looked rather like a jagged mountain with lots of snow on it. There was also a flat expanse of ice keeping the passengers a safe distance from the glacier. Sorry, no touching the natural art work.

One postive report is that Hubbard Glacier is actually growing. I think the onboard naturalists said that this was the only Glacier in Alaska that was growing in size. Yippee! One small point in favor of the Earth.

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