Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Hot!

It is hot in my home nest. I have the fan going but the air is still heavy and dead. My skin is clammy and my desire to be productive is close to nil. Maya is sprawled out on the kitchen floor. She only stirs when I wander in, at which point she lifts her head and gives an atypical meow. Usually she is always under my feet demanding food, but not today.

It is hard to believe that I used to be able to live in this. I remember taking lots of showers but I must admit that my level of production was always below my ability, as it is right now. I had debated doing some logic modeling this evening for work but have no desire to in this heat. I'll work on it tomorrow during the day at work where it is air conditioned.

Air conditioning. To think that I lived in South Texas and New Orleans without it. Now I grumble when it reaches 90. I even bought an ac unit which will be installed in a few days. I will try to use it sparingly.

I'm such a complainer. People like River go days without electricity in Iraq and its alot hotter there. Perhaps I will do some reading and writing. It is good to push myself in this heat.

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