Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebrating Interdependance

A storm is rolling through tonight. So far its mostly a light and sound show. Plus the temperature has begun to drop. Outside at least. The rain smelling breeze blowing in my window is a blessing as well. All I have been smelling for days is dry dusty heat and at this time of night, the smell of my own sweat. I was actually commenting to myself that I like the smell of my sweat but rain smell is always refreshing especially when it means that I may get a break from the persperation gathering behind my knees.

I much prefer this light and sound show to the one outside a little over a half hour ago. I stay inside when fireworks time nears. I am not one for fireworks. When they are managed and on display, they are a little easier for me to take than when they might pop out at me on a neighborhood street at any moment. I rememember having an instinctual reaction once or twice where I ended up ducking behind a car. You never know when someone is going to have a firework and throw it in your direction, not even intentionally.

But even orchestrated fireworks are difficult for me. Sure, perhaps they are pretty. But why this human fascination with fire and explosives? Couldn't a person get the same sense of awe from gazing from a mountain top down at a lake below? Explosives are too often used to incite fear and death for my taste. How can I possibly rejoice over their beauty? And how can I celebrate "freedom" by watching explosives?

Freedom is a big word that hasn't yet been reached. Sure, today was the the day independence was declared in my country over 200 years ago. Declaring is a far cry from obtaining. And independence for some is not independence for all. Do we want independence for all or would it be better to have respectful interdependence?

For me, this would be freedom. A world where we humans recognize our interdependence with each other and with all those that share this world we live in including our Mother Earth. Explosives are not the way to celebrate this sort of holiday.

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