Monday, July 31, 2006

An E-mail from Lebanon

At this point, I am just copying things that I am receiving minus names.

Dear all, today was a day of mourning for the victims of Qana. Everything was closed, there were vigils with candels in Martyrs Square, one by the civil society, the other by the artists and media. Since the bobmbing has partly eased over the South they discovered tens of more corpses burried under the rubble. But other parts of Lebanon were bombarded all the same, and now , as you see, with DU depleted uranium rockets, as you might have seen from the emails I forwarded to you. Looking at the pictures on TV you cannot imagine the distruction : all we see are mountains of rubble that used to be homes, in a shelter the red cross discoverd hundreds of old people who had been there since ten days, they had forgotten their names, since when they had been there, so they removed them to the nearest hospital. Many villagers have given teh refugees refuge in their modest homes, but most of the refugees are housed in schools. What will happen when winter comes and the schools have to resume classes? Even when and if the war stops it will take years to reconstruct the houses and give people homes they can live in.Today they showed us the road between our mother's villges in the Bekaa: Shlifa and Der al Ahmar. It is no longer a road, but a heap of rubble. Our government is still trying through diplomatic contacts to find a solution, but the war is deffinitely not one. The only foreign country backing us is France, and we are eternally grateful to her.
What I do all day is read, listen to some music, listen to the news, and feel bad about all that is happening. Till now we do not lack food or water, but now the gas is starting to get less. If this does not improve there will be no possibility to get food to the shops. So all we do is hope for the best.

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