Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Inspirational Human Creativity in All of This

Those who know me are aware that it is human creativity that gives me hope and enthusiasm in a world where humans impose so much suffering, pain, horror, trauma, death, and discrimination in no particular order onto other humans and onto our dear earth.

Zena's blog at Beirut Update is an example of this human creativity. She is an artist who is in Beirut right now, living through the daily Israeli attacks. From what I am understanding, her blog is her creative outlet along with her daily survival, her contact with family and friends, and her care about her country's coastline.

This is real. And you should be aware of her world. I know, I have vowed never to use the word "should" but quite frankly, I am pissed and frustrated that we humans can allow all this violence against other human beings in Lebanon as well as elsewhere. If enough of us stood up and shouted, we could change things.

Yes, we could.

I wrote Zena a short comment:

Thanks for your blog, Zena.

It is hard for me to be so far away from the country I grew up in while all of this is happening. I was planning to finally return for a visit this September. All I can do is send e-mails with articles to friends, post on my blog, and write letters. I will probably do Women in Black this Friday as well.

I know you do not want to be political on this blog, but I want to do something to help no matter how futile it might be. A combination of reading, letters, donations, and just plain feeling is all I can do from here.

For me, it is politics that caused this and I must use what I know about expressing my opinions within the confines of the political structure (no matter how futile it may seem) to try to stop it.

I admire the various ways you are remaining sane these days through your concern for Lebanon's coastline, your sister's work, your writing, your contact with family and friends. . .

Please know that my thoughts are with you.

How is your friend Maya by the way?


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