Monday, August 07, 2006

My Epiphany

I had a small epiphany last night.

I've been beating my head against a figurative concrete wall trying to feel and be empathetic towards what is happening in Lebanon. If I could by shear will and passion, there would be a cease-fire by tomorrow that is equitable and fair and is not unduly tilted in favor of Israel.

But no matter how many articles I read, I can't single-handedly create a cease-fire. Yes, I will continue to be vocal and to take advantage of moments to educate and to give support to those who are putting their all into a fair and peaceful world for Lebanese, Palestinians and for the world as a whole.

But what I have barely been doing these last few weeks is nurturing my soul. I have said that it is a luxury but the truth is, people burn out caring if they don't.

I do have a gift. It's my passion, my creativity, my faith that art and the people that make it can change the world. I am not necessarily talking about the art that you find in galleries, even though I can definitely appreciate that. I am talking about grassroots art, guerilla art- the art that is found on street corners, that allows two strangers to share smiles, the art that causes an incomparable flame of inspiration in people including youth.

I have spent a lifetime being saved by art. Recently its theater, thematic visual projects with teens, and in my spare time, words.

My trip to Lebanon is not happening in September. I am finally resigned to that. And I will keep my name on the list to go on a Global Exchange fact finding mission when the time occurs.

In the mean time, I am going to take advantage of this beautiful part of the United States of America that I live in. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful and I have been around. Not only is there incomparable natural beauty but the people live and work in ways that make sense to me.

I am going to climb mountains, and when I get to the top, I am going to scream: "Let there be peace!"

I am going to rediscover art and theater, including Theater of the Oppressed, and Power of Hope. I know art works. I have seen it. I will continue to touch the lives of the youth I work with. I will continue to inspire as many people as I can that enter my path. And one day, I will be able to again go to countries like Lebanon and share the gift of art.

It is listening to our hearts that we will find peace. Art is the vehicle that I can use to inspire it.

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