Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Now is the Time to Open your Heart

I've been reading Now is the Time to Open Your Heart by Alice Walker for the last few days. There was one chapter (pp. 77-78) in particular that grabbed my attention:

FIRST OF ALL, ABANDON ANY NOTION THAT ANYTHING you humans do will ultimately destroy me. That is because I am your mother. It is impossible to kill one's mother. You may shoot her a hundred times, but alas, she has already given birth to you. She is yours forever. What you are destroying is your own happiness. Your comfort, which I put so much playful effort into creating. Your peace of mind. Your joy.

. . .

The biggest problem is thinking the fate of the world rests on you. It does, and it doesn't. The "saving" of the planet, as you humans think of it, can be done really easily. All that is required is that everyone becomes as one mind. . .Then there are the languages people have which have become a completely unnecessary division. There is no need to talk, really. It is something humans started a long time ago-- I don't even remember why-- and they've clung to it. Clinging to speech they've lost the ability to read one another, to feel one another, to know one another at a glance. Or with a sniff. It is entirely within human capability to do this.

When you witness the various peace talks that occur on a daily basis somewhere on earth and you see how far everyone is from peace, and how they get no nearer the longer they talk, well, this gives an indication of the problem.

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