Saturday, September 02, 2006

Black Beans

I made Carribean Black Beans tonight using a recipe that my friend Ben introduced me to in Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.

I don't really have to open the cookbook anymore. Here's what I do:

Chop an onion.
Chop at least three garlic cloves.
Grate some fresh ginger or use powdered.
Cut a few sprigs of thyme.
Soak and fully cook black beans or use canned ones.

I start by sauteing the onions in olive oil. Then I add the garlic. After a few minutes when the onion looks translucent but not carmelized, I add fresh thyme, ginger, and allspice. I stopped measuring amounts long ago. I just add a bit.

I stir it all up and add the black beans, black bean juice, and then finally at least a cup of orange juice and let it cook on medium heat. The beans are especially good and thick if you squish them a bit.

I either eat the beans with rice or with couscous. Both are good. The latter is much faster to cook and I don't seem to occasionally burn it like I do rice. I'm easily distracted.

I was also going to make green salsa with these green tomatoes I got at the farmer's market but I didn't. As this is a long weekend and I have no plans, I'll probably make the salsa tomorrow.

Ben, you may not realize this but I think of you every time I make these beans.


Wendy said...

ooooooooh! Thank you for this, Margaret! I love black beans and have been searching for an authentic red bean recipe that contain they goya seasoning with MSG. I have a few Moosewood books, but not this. I make it a habit to try a new recipe each week. I like the idea that it's quick, because I have less free time as a mama.

Margaret said...

You are very welcome, Wendy.
Black beans are my favorite. I lived off them in Guatemala.
I know what you mean about making things that are quick and don't require that much effort. I have started using a crock pot. It's not quick but I love just throwing stuff in it and forgetting about it!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I miss you too much I make these...they never turn out as good as yours but it helps :) I buy some corn tortillas and fresh avocado and have a little M-Fest :)


margaret said...