Sunday, September 24, 2006

Evening Journal

I had a nice evening with someone who reminded me of complicated Lebanese politics.
While I have yet to sit myself down and update myself on these politics,
I must say that 80% cacao rocks!

Gordon Brothers' sauvignon blanc from Pasco on the other hand, is mediocre.

I have come closer to a decision.
If my dear prof Evelyne is still "de accord,"
I will be spending my vacation in Lebanon in December.

Oh my dear, J., it's time to do a ritual on me.
To keep me safe?

Safety is my last concern.
It's when to tell my dear padres.
After I have actually bought my tickets?

I must admit that I do not understand their concern,
or that of my colleagues and friends for that matter.
Lebanon is a place
Just like many others that have lived through both war,
And peace.

Are people more afraid of the stories I bring back than my actual journey?
Or maybe it's the energy that will accompany me.

I could fall into a spiralling depression.
It has happened before.
And if so, I welcome it.

Because, my depression is always followed by production.
Productive production.

Watch me jinx everything.

Madre mia,


Wendy said...

Dear Brave Soul,

Inhale positive thoughts.
Exhale negative thoughts.

No self-doubt.
No Margaret-bashing.
No Jinx.

Margaret said...

Evelyne wrote back and the invitation stands. I have no details yet, but it looks as if I am going to Lebanon in December.