Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kites rising from the Rubble

Just so you know, serious topics such as Lebanon haven't been out of my mind just because I have been writing about beans, music, traveling, and theater.

Here's some art in Beirut that Arofish did. You can find more images there. I recommend taking a look. I found out about his work via the Wooster Collective.

Dahyeh, August 25, 2006.

One of the most bombed out areas in Beirut. I was asked by local people to paint something happy, to reflect the spirit of the community. Consider that at the time of writing, there are still whole streets of indiscriminate wreckage. Shops, apartment blocks, houses:- rubble. The dust is thicker than a London fog and the machines have barely started to scratch the surface - under which there are still sure to be some of the dead. If I wasn't invited to do this then I wouldn't have.

Before starting I banged up a piece of explanatory text on the wall, for which thanks go to Ghassan for the translation into Arabic. It reads: "When Ramallah, in Palestine, is put under curfew by the Israeli Army, nobody goes outside for days. The streets look completely deserted. But from a tall building, if you look out over the city, you can sometimes see hundreds of many-coloured kites, flown from the roof-terraces by the children of Ramallah. The children you can see here are flying kites to celebrate the spirit of the people of Dahyeh. Some kites you can see are flying away. These are for the children who are no longer here; they are no longer held down to the Earth".

If you live in a place with wind, fly a kite this weekend for all of the people killed by war and injustice.

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