Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Package and a Letter

My friend B. sent me a package today. It was a pleasant surprise. He sent me a beautiful little book by Amos Oz, how to cure a fanatic, and a DVD about Howard Zinn.

He also sent me a handwritten letter, something that I just love receiving. With e-mail, I rarely receive letters and they are so personal. I feel much closer to people when I see their handwritting, better yet have to decipher it and rely on contextual clues at times. Plus it's just nice to sit in a cozy place by a reading light and with Maya curled up beside me, feeling the paper between my fingers that you know the writer handled and receiving the gift of a small glimpse into a friend's life.

It is nice to receive gifts from people who understand my passions. Most of all, I appreciated one remark: "Thank you, you were always good at shaking things up." I love knowing that that is what people remember about me. I am making an impact on people's lives.

Thank you, B.

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