Tuesday, September 12, 2006


After returning from a retreat with the teens on Sunday afternoon, I sat around moping and cuddling up in a ball with Maya.

It was an intense retreat. We did alot of energy building, trustwork, and "activating material" a la
Michael Rohd. My cofacilitator concentrated on Rohd's Machine while I concentrated on Boal's Image Theater.

The themes that came out were intense for the teens. Not just for the teens really, for me too. I worried that we had gone too far. That they had felt too pushed, that they were damaged for eternity and that it had all been my fault.

After one day and a half of moping, I went to work and read the process evaluations. They were overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is so psyched for this year and all the potential we have as a group.

Now if only I can handle this "potential," and not drive myself crazy in the process...

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