Monday, September 04, 2006


As they flex their political muscle, right-wing Christians increasingly reveal their condescending view of women as moral children who need to be kept in line sexually by fear. That's why antichoicers will never answer the call of prochoicers to join them in reducing abortions by making birth control more widely available: They want it to be less available. Their real interest goes way beyond protecting fetuses--it's in keeping sex tied to reproduction to keep women in their place.
-Katha Pollitt

In northern European countries such as Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, sex among at least older teenagers is generally accepted, and there is little, if any, societal pressure to remain abstinent. But with that acceptance comes strong cultural norms that emphasize that sexual activity should occur within committed relationships—married or otherwise. Teenagers in these countries have longer-lasting relationships and therefore fewer sexual partners than do their peers in the United States, even though they begin having sex at about the same age.
-Cynthia Dailard

There will always be those for whom sex is a snack or a sneeze, but let us leave room for sex as communion, sex as spirit made flesh, sex as a brush with the feathered glory of Leda's swan, a brush with the divine.
-Christina Nehring

"What's the big deal anyway? Just let teenagers have sex when they are ready, when they have all of the information that will keep them safe from pregnancy and STI's, when they know what a healthy relationship looks like and are in one,and when they are aware of how wonderful and special sex is." This is what I usually say to myself in reaction to the abstinence-only and anti-choice verbal and legislative machinations.

The deal is that it is about sex and women having control over their own sexuality. Sex is a forbidden fruit, even if people are practicing safe sex and are in committed long-lasting relationships. If we are not "married to a man" we quite simply should not be having sex according to the right wing voice who so happens to be making decisions in the United States of America right now.

This is about keeping a
system of privilege intact, nothing more.

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