Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Wall

"The Wall" by Mary Ann Lederer

I went to a talk tonight given by a local family and emergency room physician who has been to Palestine several times. What most struck me is that Israeli military control and violence is not decreasing violence. In fact, when your home is bulldozed in the Gaza Strip or nurses are shot while in a hospital clearly labeled "Hospital" and you feel no hope or solution, I can see resorting to violence.
I myself claim to be nonviolent but I watch myself when I grow impatient or when I feel I am being treated unfairly, and I am vicious. If I had a tank or bulldozer outside of my door, what would I do?
Or what if I see that the land that is supposedly mine is systematically being settled and walls are being built to separate me from my family despite supposed peace talks?
Violence, fear, and control only breeds violence, fear, and control. Why not try another solution?

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