Friday, October 06, 2006

Art and Autumn

I took a walk downtown this evening. I had planned to just take a quick peak in the local bookstore, but somehow I ended up at a local art gallery opening instead. The work was O.K. I was attracted to a few of the scraggly lines in the charcoal and pastel drawings. I would include an image but I couldn't find any.

I ran into a guy I know who I think has an open heart and a sincere smile (and who I previously had a crush on), then my friend D. Seeing D. is always wonderful. Within five minutes we had not only decided to go hiking tomorrow but we had also made plans to go to both Guatemala and Kenya! She is a definitely a kindred spirit.
These people came into the gallery with ape masks on. I got into the mood that I often get into in spaces that I define as surrounded by "affected" people. In my own demonstration of "affected" behavior, I decided that if they were going to wear ape masks, they had to at least know who the Guerrilla Girls were. After the masked men were not surprisingly ignorant, the one woman among them was familiar with them. There is hope for this world after all.
Pues, seeing that the artwork at the gallery was so so, I decided to attach another of Laure's drawings. Her work is by no means so so. The colors are the same as those of the trees beyond my porch miles and miles away from Lebanon. I also love the fact that she adds Arabic text into her drawings. I love writing in Arabic. I can just write words over and over again. I find that if I don't stop and don't hesitate and just let my hand move gently and consistently, the script looks better.

les couleurs de l'automne

les couleurs de l'automne

sont entrées dans les coeurs


sans permission

je n'ai pas peur de la nuit et

je ne fuis pas l'hiver

j'aime l'odeur de l'automne dans

les feuilles des arbres

qui voltigent

LGhorayeb - 24 septembre 2006

The Colors of Autumn

The colors of autumn

entered into hearts


without permission

I am not afraid of the night and

I do not flee winter

I love the smell of autumn in

the leaves of the trees

that flutter.

LGhorayeb - 24 septembre 2006

(My Translation)

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