Monday, October 30, 2006

Pretty Pictures = WAR

These are some photographs I took when K and I went for a walk in our local Olmsted created park on Saturday. It was sunny and beautiful. The last day of sun before it started getting colder and even dusted snow.

I was going to post them earlier but I wanted to make sure that my post about the Israeli government and the United States government's blind support for it sunk in with any possible blog readers that I may have.

Pretty pictures are one thing, even general criticism of George W. Bush, or some pro-choice commentary, these are all acceptable topics but once you start talking about Israel and its use of radioactive uranium and phosphorous cluster bombs that burn when exposed to light and that little children pick up as if they were a toy then all of a sudden people go mute.

As Laure puts it: jolie civilisation qui invente des jouets de destruction qui finissent par tuer nos enfants. c'est simplement révoltant.

I'm not going to bother translating it for you. Get out your dictionary and translate it yourself if you need to. If we spent more time learning other languages and conversing with the people who spoke them then maybe we wouldn't be so willing to go to war. The death toll for Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan is over 100 this month. I have no idea how many Iraquis, Afghanis, Palestinians, and non US were killed. They aren't publicized. But just seeing one 8 year old girl crying at her dad's funeral was enough for me.

None of this makes sense. I have known what the word "war" meant since I was 5 years old. Some have known it since the moment they were born and have experienced it until the moment of their death at 1, 2, 3, 4, and up all the way to adulthood and beyond.

I don't want war to make sense and I don't want to be safe. I want to look war in the face and scream "STOP!" If only it would do any good. If only anything would do any good. Why can't those that make the decisions cry the way I cry? Why can't they open their hearts?

How can anyone accept war? How can my supposedly liberal senators much less my president?

Laure is right. It's the children who suffer and we are so far from being civilized. If only this could mend my lacerated, bare, and hopeless feeling heart.

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