Sunday, November 05, 2006

Annabel Daou

I was procrastinating again. Surfing instead of studying.
I consider the work of Annabel Daou to be the best find of the evening.

ruined cities. Detail, 27.5"x29.5", pencil, gesso and tape on paper, 2005.

A map with blank spaces, erasures, parts torn out, and others taped in. A new map forming. How many cities destroyed, obliterated, and even erased from the map? What cities and people will repopulate these destroyed cities after? This was made before Israel's 2006 attack on Lebanon. Cities and towns again destroyed. This map could be many other places as well. Palestine, Darfur, Croatia, Bosnia, Guatemala . . . to only name a few.

lebanon we have no bomb shelter. Detail, 70"x40", ink on paper and tape, 2006.Installation at Makor Gallery for exhibition "Double Exposure"

I love arabic script. I love script in general but I particularly like arabic script. If I hadn't been procrastinating, maybe I would be closer to be able to reading this. I was supposed to be studying my arabic tonight. There is still time. What better inspiration than to try be able to read the words in the art that inspires me! I have been able to read and understand some of the writing in laure's drawings. I want to get to the point where I can read it all though. It's time to hit the books, mujer!

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