Sunday, November 19, 2006

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Yesterday I went to visit my friends Maria and Felipe, along with their two daughters. I hadn't seen them in a few months. They have a baby boy now named Angel. He likes to sleep during the day and stay up at night. Neither Maria nor Felipe are getting much sleep these days.

The living room was covered with beadwork, purses, and other woven items. I helped Felipe and Maria put price tags on things in preparation for Fair Trade sales this holiday season. I noticed a weaving that Maria made last year. It hadn't sold. I have always loved it and so I bought it. There it is above. It is on my altar now.

It was really nice to see them. We talked about what we were all doing for Thansgiving and I said if they didn't have plans they were welcome to come over to my place. I love cooking on Thanksgiving and I love being around people that I care about who don't mind coming to my very small but comfortable home to celebrate. Later, I invited my neighbor and her two boys to come over too. It will be a squeeze, but I like spatial puzzles.

The day after Thanksgiving, by the way, is Buy Nothing Day. Even though I can be quite the consumer, I do like refraining from participating in the madness this day and through out the holiday season. I personally try to shop fair trade as much as possible and I also like to give donations in people's names instead of gifts. I like the idea of knowing that we are helping a young girl in Guatemala go to school or a local homeless shelter prepare more meals during these cold months. I think this is much more meaningful than one more gadget someone doesn't need or want.

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