Monday, November 06, 2006

Creating Activist Art

I did not realize the full potential and viability of the theater when I began
the Vagina Monologues. I had certainly experienced the magic and power before,
but I had yet to understand its truly sacred nature, its ability to explode
trauma, create public discourse, empower people on the deepest political and
spiritual levels and ultimately move them into action.

- Eve Ensler, Insecure at Last

I spent the day hibernating in my nest today. I barely even left my loft all day. It was wonderful even if a little reclusive. I cuddled with Maya, read Insecure at Last, studied Arabic, and browsed the internet.

I've been trying to understand why I have been so introverted, preferring to come home after work and read on and off the internet as opposed to socializing. I like to talk and learn about social and political issues in the U.S. and elsewhere. I often feel that I am tremendously serious to people in my community. I have definitely have found kindred spirits but, as I have no children besides those that I work with, I have alot more time to think and read about injustices and investigate alternatives.

I have noticed that I spend alot of my research and reading time on people's expression and reaction to the political injustices and anomalies in their environment. Expression is essential. It keeps us sane and it also draws others in, helps them understand and hopefully even compels them to act.

Part of the mixed not entirely explainable feelings that I am having right now are that I haven't really been creating. I have always needed to create, usually with my hands. I used to say that I had neurotransmitters in them that would be released and calm my poor brain synapses down. But I haven't been using my hands recently, just the written word. I haven't even cooked in over a week. My camera was helping until I broke it and I have another more professional one on the way.

I was thinking that I should try to get people together to make and do activist art. This could be grassroots/theater of the oppressed type theater or knitting for all I care. As long as I could freely talk about politics. I may even try to reactivate our defunct Women in Black group. While I am great at activating the kids, I am starting to be able to just pull things right out of my head, it is not fulfilling me personally. I have to figure out how to do that.

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