Saturday, November 11, 2006


I came to understand why we block out the pain and atrocities of others. That pain, if we allow it to enter us, makes our lives impossible. It forces us to examine our own values and reality. It insists that we be responsible for others. It thrusts us into the messy world where there are no easy soluitions or reasons only struggles and questions. It creates great fissures in the landscape of our insulated, so-called safe reality. Fissures that, once split open, can never close again. It compels us to act.

- Eve Ensler, Insecure at Last

This quote is making alot of sense to me today. I have made a few of those that are dear to me, angry by my encouraging them to look. I wish I did not make my friends angry with me because I care about them, but at the same time I cannot stop. I refuse to look away and I need to talk about my feelings even if I make people uncomfortable and am called emotional. Yes, I am. But as far as I am concerned that it is not a bad thing. It is proof that I am experiencieng and not disassociating myself from the horror that I see.

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