Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let the countdown begin

I am realizing that I am very anxious to start my trip. I feel as if I am just waiting until it is time. In 20 days I will be on an airplane traveling to Lebanon. Let the countdown begin.
I have been thinking about and dreaming of this trip for such a long time, years in fact. No wonder I am ready to go NOW.
I am a wanderer in every cell of my body and I haven't left the country to go anywhere besides Canada in 4 years. That's centuries for me.
Oh to be surrounded by sounds that take effort to understand, a context to discover, people to find commonalities with despite language and culture. My paradise, the paradise I was introduced to at 5 years old.
Maa alSalama


Myrthe said...

I hope you will blog about your experiences from Lebanon. Despite the current situation (or maybe because of...) I would love to go back to Lebanon. Such a fascinating place!

Wendy said...

salaam alaykum, dear margaret!

please blog your adventures. i will miss your presence on this patch of soil, but know that we are connected by a sparkling ribbon of blue sea.

Summer said...

Sweet. This is awesome that you are taking this trip. Shalom and take good pictures please.

Margaret said...

Myrthe, Wendy, and Summer,
Thanks for sending me off with such encouraging words!