Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lost Morality

The other day, someone that I care about would not believe me when I told him that the Israeli Defense Forces deliberately targeted civilians by leaving cluster bombs in Southern Lebanon a mere 72 hours before the August cease fire. There was no convincing him. How could any government be so inhumane and immoral?

This evening I went to listen to two former Israeli soldiers from Breaking the Silence talk about about how they were no longer able to distinguish between good and evil when they were in the Israeli Defense Forces. This is how they were able to dehumanize and kill Palestinian civilians as they did. They said that they had lost their morality.

When I came home, I had a poem waiting for me written in response to the massacre at Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip.

18 people, including children, this time.

The Sermon of Death

It is Wednesday Morning
Not Sunday
When the sermon started
With shells and rockets
No bells or incense...

No readings of the holy book
No holy wine or bread to distribute
Just flesh and blood
Just screams and tears
Of children of Palestine...

The smell is different when blood runs
The taste is bitter
The color is scarlet
The eye is blind
The ear is deaf
The tongue is silent
The heart is still
But the sermon continues...

They sleep like birds
They suffer no more
They fly to their nest waiting for them on the right hand of God
There, they will fly and ring the bells
Light the incense
And start the true sermon...

They will be birds and sing songs
Of immortality
Sing for the oppressed
Sing for the oppressor
Sing for the world
Sing for sanity
Sing for their home land
Sing for Palestine...

****I wish that my words could bring the many innocent souls who departed our mortal world this morning back to life again to sing, but none of the dead was reported to come back to our phony world. Let them sing in the sky and cry no more. Let them sing in peace.

adam yaghi

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