Sunday, November 26, 2006


And so, while I am obviously incapable of writing about what I set out to write about tonight, I am having quite the creative blogging burst.

I have been meaning to tell the blogosphere about the movie that I saw the other night, wah-wah. Beware of the description that says it is a comedy, because while there are moments that are quite funny, the movie is intense.

The family is disfunctional, like many if not most, and somehow the young main character, Ralph, manages to survive. In my opinion, his fate is determined by a person and a passion.

The person is Ruby, his father's new wife. She is direct and real. She doesn't try to be Ralph's mom, just an adult mentor, someone that I have found teenagers really can use and appreciate. She gets Ralph and the world he is trying to survive in. She also encourages him to pursue his passion, theater and puppetry, especially puppetry. It is through his puppets that Ralph is able to work through his mother's departure and his father's alcoholism.

Yes, there is definitely a personal reason that I like this movie. I see myself as a sort of Ruby and I definitely believe that art has the power to heal.

Ralph is going to be OK.

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