Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dearest Dad,

I love you dearly, but please do not project your own fears onto me and my trip. It hurts me that you do not feel that I make responsible thoughtful decisions and that you think that I cannot take care of myself. I know where it is coming from and I am trying not to take it personally. It's hard though.

Yes, I am opinionated and passionate. I would not do the work I do and have the position I have if I wasn't. But I also know when to be diplomatic. I do push more than you do and always will. This world is unjust and I cannot morally sit back and let it remain so without doing my part to change it.

I have no idea how Lebanon will compare to the land of my childhood. I am also very conscious of the tenuous political situation, but I am going. What I need from you, Dad, is for you to embrace the strong female who has your genes and support and believe in her.

With much love,

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Amy said...

Did you ever notice that sometimes when someone challenges us, we grow (or go forth) with more confidence than we had before they challenged us? You did that for me M. You made me angry enough to grow, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in ways that, while they fracture my "safe" little world, made it even stronger where the break occured. Thank you for being the fire beneath me at such important times. I thank God for the strength you inspire in me, and I'm sure in so many others.