Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Birthday!

It is nearing my birthday: Monday, December 11.

This is always a powerful time for me. I feel that there is a great deal of positive energy around this time. It is always a good time for me to reflect and make decisions. I feel strong and connected. This may partially be because I always have other Sagittarians in my life, no matter where I move to or what I am doing.

My best friend from my childhood, Mansour, will celebrate his birthday on Thursday. And Loona, my dear unique and friend forever Loona, celebrated her birthday this Sunday.

Sometimes my relationships with Sags are close yet strained, as was the case with a metals professor I once had. Sometimes they are reassuring, as is the fact that 3 out of my 4 colleagues who do the same work I do in other parts of the state are all Sags like me.

Dynamic, ethical, humorous, generous, open-hearted, compassionate, and energetic. Definitely.

Impulsive and impractical. I keep this under control- somewhat. Until the fire starts beneath the souls of me feet and I must travel, move, "pursue to its lair."

Loona is the same way. Mansour I do not know. I haven't seen him in 26 years. Perhaps I will discover this in the next few weeks.

Should I tell a story? It is one of my favorites.

I was living in South Texas. 10 minutes from the border with Mexico. I had been there for at least a year and a half and was at the height of living as simply as possible, as an unofficial accompanier in the South Tower colonia, trying to understand, raising awareness for myself and for others. I spoke Spanish most of the time and saw very few "gueros" or "gueras" like myself.

One day I went to the small town post office. As I walked across the parking lot, a shabby bumper sticker covered car pulled into the lot. I can't remember what the bumper stickers said. They could have told me to a hug a tree or to strive for peace. I'm not sure. I had very similar ones on my own car which is not the norm except among liberal white "do-gooders" in South Texas.

I stood in line and the car's owner, a woman with a nose ring and a tattooed hand, kept on trying to get my attention. She would try to catch my eye. My memory even has her jumping out of the line, grinning and waving at me like a joker. My memory knows that she was testing me. Testing my still new understanding of how the world really functioned and how to act upon this as a person of priviledge who is also self-righteous.

I ignored her. I knew she was looking at me and I refused to look her in the eye. I was trying not to be reminded that I was white. I was trying to fit in, "slumming" some may say. To Loona's credit, she is a Sagittarius after all, she did not give up. She followed me to the parking lot and as I got into my car shouted "Excuse me, excuse me, I think we are supposed to be friends."

She was right. It's been at least 8 years. And we live on opposite ends of the country in two of the most progressive states. Both far, far away from where we grew up. We are also still idealistic wanderers. She walked across the country on a peace march. Now she does her wandering through her always active projects and dedication to the trees of her beloved state. And me, I still wander. Settled in my current position and in my nest with Maya where I can finally feel earth beneath my feet, I am planning my big trip next week. Wishing it was tomorrow, really today, on the first day of the last year of my third decade. Loona just entered her fourth. Mansour has two more years, I believe, before catching up with me.

Happy Birthday, Loona!

Happy Birthday, Mansour!

I wish us ongoing and renewed friendships.


Myrthe said...

Dear Margaret,
I wish you lots of happiness, good health, good friends, lots of success in everything you do (no matter how you define success: personal growth, wealth, or still different). And of course a great trip to Lebanon!

BY the way, what is it with birthdays this week? Tomorrow is my boyfriend's (he's Lebanese by the way) birthday and I have two more later this week.

bluegrrrrl said...

Happy Birthday Margaret!

Wonderful story about Loona! Glad she persisted!

Carol Gee said...

Happy Birthday to you! You and my husband share birthdays. His year of birth was long before yours, however. He is a Texan by birth; I am one by choice. Have a good day.

Margaret said...

Thank you my kindred blogging spirits! It doesn't surprise me that you have sags in your lives.

Loona said...

Hi Daisy-Lady! (Margarita means Daisy in Spanish)

Thank you for telling the story of our meeting. It is a day I will always remember fondly, too. It was so OBVIOUS that we were kindred spirits. And I really cherish our friendship, yes: FOREVER.

Lots of love

Margaret said...


Amy said...

I can't believe I missed it :( I'm sorry M...I hope you had a wonderful Birthday.