Sunday, December 10, 2006

Melting Crayons

I spent my late evening peeling and melting crayons. The idea was Martha's and was inspired by Wendy.

Beware of keeping them in the oven for too long. Mine are beautiful on top but not so much on the bottom. I ended up keeping the heat very low. I went back to 150. You do not want the crayons to melt completely and thoroughly mix.

The house now smells like melted wax.

Meanwhile, my dearest slept.


Wendy said...

oh margaret, they're gorgeous! btw, the bottoms always look bland. how did it go at 150? mine never melted at the low temp.

Margaret said...

Thanks, Wendy! 150 worked perfectly for me as I was working on an Arundhati Roy candle at the same time.

Amy said...

They look like a collection of galaxies. :) I used to imagine the world existed under an overturned bowl. Strange huh? This picture reminded me of that thought. The roundness is what did it I think and the haphazard, brilliant colors.