Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Random images, thoughts, and questions

A "Buche de Noel" with tacky plastic Christmas trinkets.

Touching soil with my hand as soon as I can.

Will I recognize anything? Will the drive from the airport look familiar to me? I see dry open space with a concrete divider in the middle. Is it all built up now?

How soon after I arrive will I see a shopping mall?

A cold that came by surprise.

I want to bring a bunch of female condoms in case I am able to visit Dar al-Amal.

Hiking in the mountains and picking cyclamens and thyme.

Why is it that just around the time I started thinking seriously about visiting Lebanon the political situation there became worse?

Is there something that I haven't planned for at work?

Being surrounded by the sounds of Arabic and French,

Khubus, maybe even mountain bread, fresh from the black dome,


And a large expanse of water.

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