Thursday, January 25, 2007

This has turned out to be a crappy day, literally.

I went home to take this online CPR update class and found every excuse not to (including finding a word search program on the New York Times- see previous post.) I eventually started the online program but couldn't get the interactive links to work. And so, I ran over to K's office and asked him to help me after he got off work. In the mean time, I decided to make my house a little more presentable by cleaning Maya's litter box and in so doing, managed to clog my toilet.

K arrived and soon after informed me that the CPR program was not interactive after all (It was right there in the directions. And yes, I have two Master degrees.) We decided to go out to eat after I unclogged the toilet. After getting covered with wet wheat kittty litter and who knows what else, I was able to unclog the toilet. Yippeeyuck!

I came home and started reading blogs and news headlines about Lebanon. I could no longer deny it. Things are not good. It was time to send out e-mails to make sure everyone was safe. I wish that I could say that I feel like my insides are also covered in kitty litter. Then I could define the sadness I feel, the disappointment. Is cynicism finally gaining ground over optimism? Will humans always try to solve their problems with violence? Is peace always doomed to fail?


bluegrrrrl said...

Sorry the day was crappy! "I wish that I could say that I feel like my insides are also covered in kitty litter"...great metaphor. Even if you feel unable to define the feelings, they come through very clearly...

Margaret said...

Thanks for reading. It means alot.