Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! Bonne Nouvelle Annee!!

I am in much better spirits than I have been the last few days. I think it was a combination of the warnings and getting a bit homesick. Lebanon is home in part but I also have a life at home with dear friends, a job I love, and a cat that I miss terribly.

I do want to reiterate though that whatever happens here, I will be safe. I have alot of friends here and places to stay. My biggest concern is that the airport will close and I will have to leave a little later. This concerns me because I already miss Maya and my friends and because I am taking the teens on their lobbying experience the following weekend. This is the event of the year for them and I would hate to miss it.

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. I did. I was moping a little, watching television and napping when Pascale called me and got me moving. Thank goodness for friends in my life that give me that little push. Evelyne gave me the push I needed to come here and Pascale gave me the push that reminded me that I have friends and people that I have known for over 30 years here.

And so I passed a mellow New Year with Pascale, her family, and their friends. It was nice. I felt very comfortable. There was even a woman there that I knew from my childhood that is still friends with Pascale. pascale being the gregarious extrovert that she is, brought out the photo album and insisted on showing pictures of us doing "Grease Lightening" together at her birthday party among other embarrasing moments. It was alot of fun.

I am even going to post a picture of us so that my father can see how much she has changed. Doesn't she look just like her mom now, Dad? It will be the first picture of me that I have posted on here. I look awful but that's life.

Again, I wish everyone a wonderful year this year. Thank every single one of you for being in my life either through this blog or through my daily experiences.
May we all create a world of peace.


Loona said...

I don't think you look terrible in the photo; you look like they've been feeding you well! But if you're so worried about the airport closing, maybe you should go home as soon as you can instead of staying any longer.
It sounds like you've had a great time there, and like you said, you want to come back again, anyhow-- so perhaps you should leave with a plan of coming back for more.
I know it will mean a lot to the teenagers if they knew how important THEIR big trip is to you, as well as this VERY BIG trip of yours.
I'm so glad for you to reconnect with your two old friends. I really understand what you wrote about moving and not seeing things change before your eyes. That's what I was reconciling with when I met you in the Rio Grande Valley, actually. I didn't connect with the old friends I managed to track down, though, and most of them I could not reach at all.
And there were not war-like conditions all around us either, though plenty of poverty!
I really wish you'd come back to the states now, but I still believe what I said about not telling you what to do. Am I such a walking contradiction or what? (grin)

love, Loona

Margaret said...

The level of poverty in the Rio Grande Valley is unexcusable. Its not "war" in the traditional sense of the word but if you think why people are forced to endure such dire conditions to come up here and how they are treated like animals when they arrive, its war in my opinion.
Thanks for being my friend and being there without any need to reconnect.