Friday, January 19, 2007

Home, ...again

I'm home,...again. I am so wiped out. This last trip was hard. I had barely started reconnecting with Maya when it was time to travel again. I am so sick of hotels and am longing for a home cooked meal. The other day my mouth started watering when my neighbor told me that she was making brown rice. Simple brown rice with no frills. Not that I didn't have yummy food, especially the Ethiopian. I love Ethiopian food.

I just haven't been able to nurture and give my attention to all of the beings in my life such as Maya and my plants. Maya has quite a tummy now from the ever flowing cat food at A. my dear neighbor's house and my plants can use a little attention, the kind of attention that only someone who watches them everyday can give them. For example, my ivy needs more light as it is turning yellow.

I don't want to travel for awhile. I say this but knowing me, I will venture across the mountains again next month.
I also haven't been able to catch up on my writing. I am still writing about the past when there is a present to contend with.
Writing, giving Maya a whole lot of attention, and cooking some sort of homemade dish whose aroma can permeate the house and stick into the cracks and corners. Perhaps a curry?
This would be a perfect weekend.

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bluegrrrrl said...

Welcome back, Margaret! Kick back and enjoy your time with Maya...