Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sad news

While I was away at my training, I learned that a mentor of mine has cancer again. I think it upset me more than I realized at first. I haven't known her long, just since last March, but she has been so encouraging and has really pushed me to use my enthusiasm to create excellent program and to get involved on the state level. Having someone in my life who has been in the field as long as she has is wonderful. Plus she is just an amazing person who is so easy to talk to. She listens and then reminds me when I may be making assumptions.

Why does she have to struggle again? She is such a good spirit. I know that with challenges comes learning, I just don't want her to have to go through this again because it SUCKS. How come so many of the amazing women in my life have gotten cancer? I am just going to think of her and be angry with her. I will continue to remind her how much she means to me and to the work we believe in. I will also make sure to push myself to continue with what we have been working on even if she can't always be there to help. I will just have something beautiful to show her when she beats this cancer for good.

I am with you in spirit, J.

Much love,

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