Thursday, January 25, 2007

State of the Union Word Search

Thanks to Lingual Tremors, I found this really cool word search tool at the New York Times.

The word terror was used 22 times in his speech this year. It has consitently been in the 20's since 2002, the first address to occur before 9/11. In 2001, the word was used once.

Another interesting observation is that the word marriage was mentioned 9 times in 2004, the year W ran for reelection. He hadn't used it that much before or after. Perhaps his team wanted to polarize the nation around marriage that year to spark a values debate that could help W in the elections.

Lebanon was mentioned 3 times this year, twice last year, and once in 2005. Having W's attention may or may not be a good thing. In the past it has lead to war (i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan,..). Sure he and other Paris conference attendees did just pledge a few billion dollars of aid to Lebanon but what strings are attached to this money and will the majority of Lebanese people actually benefit from it?

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bluegrrrrl said...

Wow...excellent! I'm going to check out that tool. No surprise that GW used his favorite word so many times. Hopefully the word is losing its effectiveness to terrorize the American public into surrendering their liberties and dignities or to blindly accept his aggressions against other countries.

I would tend to agree that it's better not to have W's attention. He has a way of screwing things up when he sets his sights on something. Good question about whether the "aid" will benefit the people who need it the most.