Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Visualizing balloons

Last night I didn't sleep well. I was having those anxious thoughts like "I have to remember to put my socks in the laundry basket" that are so ridiculously unimportant but for some reason seem so important and pressing in the middle of the night.

It turns out that there was a reason for my anxiety. I hadn't read the news on Monday and had gone to bed that night oblivious but Nasrallah had called a general strike on Tuesday. And so as I was trying to sleep, at least 3 people were killed, some businesses were closed along with the airport, tires were burned and Prime Minister was delayed in going to his Paris Summit, a summit that the current government is claiming will be the economic salvation of Lebanon.

I found out this morning in an e-mail from a former prof, "Are you back in States now that Lebanon is on strike?"

What can I say?
As far I am concerned, we still don't know.
And if we visualize it, then it could very well happen.
Call it denial but I am not going to believe it until happens.
Hence the photo of a young girl being carried away by balloons.
Oh, go ahead read Fiske's latest if you want. He has been in Lebanon long enough to have some insights even if I do not want to hear all of them.
Can't the economic and political inequities in Lebanon be solved without violence?
Can't people just try?
I am going to visualize bright sunlight, the blue sea, and yellow balloons.
Postscript 1/29/07: Naharnet reported that the Israelis dropped poisonous balloons into South Lebanon last week. This was NOT what I was visualizing.
Postscript (2) 1/29/07: The Daily Star came out with another report about the balloon panic. Tests on the balloons have not shown that they have anything in them that is poisonous even though people were hospitalized due to nausea, breathing difficulties, and dizziness. In my opinion, this incident is a good example of the fear Israel stirs up in people in South Lebanon. Just seeing a balloon with Hebrew letters can cause symptoms. It could very well be post traumatic stress syndrome to me.


MarxistFromLebanon said...

Such a 100% solution can't be present unless sectarianism for starters are demolished, as well as the media that is encouraging such division lines to do so.


Margaret said...

I completely agree with mfl. Do you know what orgs or groups are working on this?