Saturday, February 17, 2007


I usually have crushes on people who represent parts of myself that I would like to develop.
In no particular order, my crushes have included:
an intellectual
a nerdy someone with hair covering their eyes
a peace activist
a computer geek
a mixed media painter
a writer
a photographer
a human rights worker
a parent
a thespian
a science major
a buddhist
a potter
a book lover
a wanderer
a simple liver
an environmentalist
a free spirit
and a community organizer.

A Sunday Scribbling....


Regina Clare Jane said...

An impressive list of crushes!

Inconsequential said...

A good list :)

Coffee Messiah said...

Remember, you can be all of these! ; )

margaret said...

Yes, coffee messiah, I can and am. Except for the parent, science major and computer geek that is!

gautami tripathy said...

Now this a very good list. And I am with you there.

Painfully yours..

bluegrrrrl said...

I love this! It never occurred to me to think of my crushes in this way...

Never too late to become any of these...