Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Flying off

Dad's leaving tomorrow :( I have to get up at some insane hour to take him to the airport. It was nice spending time with him. I am going to miss him reminding me to do the obvious. "Put on your turn signal," is the reminder that is fresh in my mind right now. My response is usually the same regardless of my age, "Daaad."

This is a photograph I took of a nearby lake. We went to see if there were any eagles but I think they have flown off and left the area in search of salmon. It's a little late in the season from what I hear. Hopefully the cold will fly off soon as well.


bluegrrrrl said...

ooooooo....beautiful picture. So serene. I want to be in the middle of it!

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with dad!

woman wandering said...

Stunning scene ... so different to where I am just now.

Your dad's visit read so nice and I loved the way you observed the puzzle work.

Carol Gee said...

Thanks for sharing your dad with us. Every adult daughter identifies with something in the two of you together. Thanks. For me it was the instructions about the obvious.
One of the threads of my growing up years in a cold climate is the jigsaw puzzle. My mom, like you, sorts the alike pieces. Your "worlds" would challenge her. Such puzzles helped her through cancer treatment times. Now, at 91, she has five years of survival.

margaret said...

Yes its serene but cold as well. I don't think you want to be in the middle of it.

margaret said...

woman wandering,
I wouldn't mind being in belgium now. Do you want to switch?

margaret said...

carol gee,
I am sorry about your mother. I hope that the treatments she is undergoing aren't too debilitating.