Monday, February 05, 2007

Inspiration of the day

Besides the most amazing teenagers that I work with, my second source of inspiration for today is Lingual Tremors. What is it with this gal? Today she photographed her shower curtain of text and definitions- ah, the woman with a book on every spare surface held her breathe for a moment, she was so moved. I love words. Even showering with them sounds fun, partially because my interior dialogue never shuts off and so yes, I shower with words on a daily basis. Click here to see lingual's fun curtain of text.

Wandering around the net the other day, I discovered crafty chica's love song pillows.
While I cannot imagine a love song on a pillow (I no longer dream of a prince charming; I am content with my dear K. who is always there for me no matter what), I can imagine my favorite quotes and poems encima, on, sur, aala, the pillows I cozy up with when I read, sleep, and write. Hmmm, I could even play with language and script- the comp litter/semipolyglot also ceramic and metals major is surfacing right now :)

I just wish I could play with more fonts on this blog. The limitations of blogger are surfacing...

While I was at it I figured I'd introduce readers to two additional networld inspirations.

Annabel Daou has already been the subject of a Margaret's Wanderings.

And Laure, dear Laure, whom I didn't have a chance to meet when I was in Lebanon, but that I will meet one day....

Isn't it amazing how far a photograph of a shower curtain can take you?
Now I have to do a little writing so that my kids can continue to learn to change the world. What a great goal.
Good night
Maa salama
Que suenes con los angeles
Bonne nuit
Sbah ul kheir


Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

drawing and writing on a shower curtain sounds like a fun project! I may try it myself someday :)

Myrthe said...

This is rather off topic, but I came across a blog today that you might find interesting. Since I don't have your email, I decided to drop you a comment. The blog's here:

Margaret said...

Thanks, Myrthe. I just checked it out. I especially like the book list on the side.