Monday, February 12, 2007

Juana Molina's Son

The new CD I ordered came in the mail today. Juana Molina's Son. I'm liking her. It was an order based solely on a good review in Yes! magazine. I was in need of some new sounds in my life, so why not? I haven't sat down with the lyrics yet but initial impressions are that her sounds are cacophonous and soothing at the same time. Perfect, evening by candle light inspirational blogging, creating, writing music.

I liked her description of her music:

When she talks about her songs she compares them to “the randomness of sounds in nature. Each bird has a particular singing; nevertheless this singing is always different.” The verses, “are alike, but never the same, other times I choose to sing over a repetitive melody, What changes here and moves randomly is, for example, a keyboard. It is like overlapping two different loops, with no synchronicity at all. One very rhythmic and the other one more loose. When you play both at the same time, the loose loop will provoke a changing harmony, because their beats will never be in the same place.”


Matt said...

Hi Margaret, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, I like your blog as well, very warm and friendly. :)

I have added your blog to my link list on Empathy, thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

I love discovering new musics--thanks for the referral to Juana Molina's Son. She seems like someone after my own musical heart. Down the block from John Cage, chatting over the fence with Pauline Oliveros, and just across the street from Tom Ze.