Sunday, February 18, 2007

what has impacted you?

i've been asked to write a piece about lebanon for my local peace and justice group's newsletter and for the peace train. The problem is that i can't seem to write anything that says what i want to say in part because i do not know what i want to say. plus, i'm drained by everything right now. i'm afraid to check the news for fear that i am going to hear of more people killed. i can't close myself up when i hear of violence. it is so wrong to me that i want to do everything in my power to stop it and other times i just want to cry. i cried as i watched pan's labyrinth today. it is just so sad. very violent. very realistic in this sense. this is what we humans do. if you have any words of wisdom for me as i try to write, please feel free to share them. what have you remembered about my writings on lebanon? what has impacted you?


bluegrrrrl said...

I could go back and review what you have written, but honestly what I remember most is your love and passion for the the people and the country. That might be a good place to start?

Carol Gee said...

M: Without review, these are my (perhaps presumptuous) remembered impressions. You delighted in finding "lost" people who had been dear to you. You were sensorily stimulated by the familiar sights, smells, tastes, etc., that washed over you on special occasions; you celebrated being there. You decided and re-decided to complete your planned visit to your dangerous/delightful homeland. And you needed a lot of flexibility to make things happen.
You felt "little" as you visited childhood's familiar places. You screwed up your courage and traveled around almost where and when you wanted to. You cherished the serendipitous happenings. You were glad and sad upon returning to the USA.
Peace. . .

margaret said...

Thank you both so much.

Anonymous said...

I meant to write you sooner on this but I am myself depressed these days and it is difficult to pull out of a feeling of despair!!
Your strong points to me are that you let yourself feel depressed when needed be and it allows you to see things that other people tend to ignore because they are afraid to face some realities that are too depressing!
There are many other things about you I would like to write and that I identify with but it will have to be for some other time!

margaret said...

Sorry that you were in a similar mood, E. You are right, I don't shy away from depression but it sure is exhausting!