Friday, February 09, 2007


I remember bicycling alongside of him through Audubon Park enveloped by oak trees, Spanish moss, and thick humidity. We had just finished a delicious meal at his parents’ house; his mom was a wonderful cook. As our wheels whirred along, he asked me what I thought of his mom’s food.

“It was yummy,” I said.

I cannot remember exactly what he said next. All that I can remember is being criticized for using such a puerile word. His father was a Ph.D. and he would be one also a few more years in the future. Such a simplistic word, “yummy,” wasn’t my vocabulary more intelligent than that?

I felt a heavy feeling in my chest. Perhaps I was, stupid.

Sixteen years later, I still use the word, “yummy;” and every time I do, I think of that day in the park. I love saying the word, enunciating the “mm” and drawing out the “eee.” I say it loudly and exuberantly no matter the situation- a management meeting, an interview, a dinner with strangers or with friends. The kids of course love it and everyone else puts up with it. It is part of being quirky me.

We judge people by the language they use, we make assumptions.




It has become a form of rebellion for me. I am saying, I could use another word, pick something out of the GRE vocabulary list, but I will not simply because.

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hundred and one said...

I hope you told him where to go? I'm glad you still use the word yummy - it's such a ...well, YUMMY word! :)

Lingual X said...

This one's for you and all the fabulousness that goes with "yummy" as a term of rebellion my friend!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Good for you! I wonder what his mother would have thought of you using "yummy" to describe her food? She probably would have been very flattered!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

You go! I would use yummy under those circumstances, too. And whatever became of him? Any clue?

gautami tripathy said...

Yummy post! What yummy descriptions! What yummy him! Where is he now?

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bluegrrrrl said...

Keep on rebelling, sister!
I love this...makes me want to go around saying this word all day.

I guess that GRE vocab list is good for something (gaining admission to grad school and impressing the intelligensia, for example), but I have discovered that most people like me better when I use the normal, everyday unpretentious vocabulary list.

Margaret said...

Thanks for your comments!
People were curious what became of him. It took me a few years to end it but I did. I googled him and found out that he is now teaching at a prestigious university. I am so glad we went our seperate ways. I was able to blossom into myself.

Frances said...

I bet even Einstein said Yummy.
Say Yummy with pride my dear with pride.
Sorry I'm late - no Internet yesterday :(
Have a wonderous rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

You and Emma--

If it isn't yummy, I don't want to be part of your revolution!


PS Thanks for the link to Sunday Scribblings. It's a great blog!

Margaret said...

So Ben, when am I going to hear from you?