Saturday, March 03, 2007

all at once

I was trying to hold off and share these tomorrow but I have no ability to pace myself. I'm an "all at once" gal.

These three photos were taken on a short walk today. It was an especially dreary grey day but I was able to find green, which make them a little more colorful than some of the other photos that I have been posting recently.

This one made me laugh. We had a shooting on my block this week. By an off duty police officer no less. Who knows, maybe there is another scandal in the works.
I heard two shots, lifted my head acknowleging them, and went back to sleep. My neighbor called me at the early hour of 7:00am to tell me that the police had blocked off our street. Another neighbor decided to post this sign afterwards.


woman wandering said...

I enjoyed the photographs and adore! your banner. The poppies are lovely.

margaret said...

Thanks, woman wandering. I love my banner too. It makes me happy to look at it.