Saturday, March 03, 2007

Finished Dream Catcher

I spent Friday cleaning my office and our department's space and in the process I put my dream catcher on my office wall and photographed it. I never really did explain what the different parts represent. This is not a traditional dream catcher. This is one that my colleague and I crafted for the goals of our three day workshop.

The middle circle is my name. The four pieces that surround it are how I identify myself. Margaret, Margie, Maggie, Margarita, Marguerite,... Daughter and friend. Social worker, educator, and supervisor. A reader, someone who likes to cook, a very amateur photographer, and a Maya Portly cat lover.

The first set of triangles represent obstacles that may stand in the way of realizing my dreams. They are my fear of the unknown and of not being good enough, loneliness, depression, anxiety, a tendency to think and analyze things to obsolescence, a desire for stability, moodiness in cold weather, and financial limitations.

The second set of triangles represent my support systems and strengths. I have an amazing father and many friends including A.T., L., G., C., E., T., B., A.C., K., and P. I have a compassionate heart but am not afraid to speak out. I am bubbly, energetic, creative, and capable of using my brain upon occasion. And oh, yes, I am comfortable using words.

The feathers are my goals and dreams in life and I came up with five. I would like to be fluent in Spanish, French, and Arabic. I would like to be able to inspire people to work towards creating a better world for all. I would actually like to see a better world for all. I would like to travel and and live and work overseas, and finally maybe just maybe find a partner whose dreams compliment my own. I am not going to hold my breath on that last one.

This activity was alot of fun for me. I was able to use lots of materials and get out of my very analytical lifestyle for awhile. I recommend it. Let me know if you make your own.


Frida World said...

I love this Margaret, we share a lot of dreams and I know from my own life that all the dreams you have can be realised. I haven't realised all of mine, but when I've let go of my fears and doubts and truely sought out the path to make my dream a reality it has happened. I hope that this blog world and we in it can become part of your support too.

Frida World said...

PS: We share many "barriers" as well - I have experienced depression and I get very low in the cold - I don't tell potential employers about this if I am applying for a job in a snowy war-torn country. I don't think many employers have enough faith in the insight and new skills that those kinds of challenges give to people.

margaret said...

Glad you visited frida. Yes, I feel that you are a kindred spirit as well.
take care in the cold,

bluegrrrrl said...

This is so awesome, Margaret!
I love every bit of symbolism in your dreamcatcher. Even though I know you only through the blogosphere, I can see how this represents so many facets of who you are.

Now I want to go and make one for soon as I dig myself out from under a mountain of grading...