Monday, March 05, 2007

Int Women's Day

Can I be honest and say that this looks like it will be much more fun than the 80 year-old function that I will be attending? And yet I tell myself that I will gain something from my experience. Because I will go, it is my life, my career, my path for goodness sake. I wish I could shake shake all of the pieces of the puzzle in place all at once. I know I cannot, and so I will endure until my next step becomes apparent...

And amid all of this, red, blood red, stabilizes it all. What a beautiful color.

I have some ideas in my head for Int Women's Day. I will do my best to publish them before Thursday.

Oh and yes, marxist from Lebanon was the instigator of this gut level post.


gerry said...

I feel the experience that you have is a rejuvenating one besides everything else. Wish this women's day turns out to be extra special in every possible way. Do drop by my blog too coz am sure you'd love your visit.

bluegrrrrl said...

What an awesome picture. Yes, the blood red stands out...much symbolism there.

So what 80-year-old function are you attending?