Friday, March 30, 2007

Lacking Papers, Citizens are cut from Medicaid

I am going through a paper pile of articles that I downloaded from the internet and have been meaning to read. This New York Times article dated March 12, "Lacking Papers, Citizens are cut from Medicaid" is worth passing on to the blogging world if you haven't seen it. Please let me know if you can't link to it and I will figure out something.

Here are a few highlights:

Under a 2006 federal law, the Deficit Reduction Act, most people who say they are United States citizens and want Medicaid must provide “satisfactory documentary evidence of citizenship,” which could include a passport or the combination of a birth certificate and a driver’s license.

Contrary to what one may think, United States citizens are being the most affected by this policy. The number of Medicaid recipients is dropping and this does not mean that people are finding health coverage elsewhere, they are just going without.

Do you have a copy of your social security card? Have you tried ordering one? They cost $60, by the way. This is alot of money to alot of people. Money and time a person may not have when they are in an emergency.

And so you know, a large number of those being dropped from the Medicaid rolls are children.

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