Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Longest Day in the World

I took my copy of A People's History of the United States 1492-Present to share with one of the teens and inside I found that I had copied a poem by Joy Harjo that I had read on the subway when I lived in New York City.
It really suits my mood today as I am beginning to set off on a new adventure, one that is the most difficult I have yet faced.
Well, here's the poem. I hope it blows you away as much as it does me.
For me at this moment it's about living and letting yourself feel even if those feelings are frightening.
Let it speak to you however it does...

A human mind is small when thinking of small things.
It is large when embracing the maker of walking, talking, and flying.
If I can locate the sense beyond desire,
I will not eat or drink until I stagger into the earth with grief.
I will locate the point of dawning and awaken
with the longest day in the world.

-Joy Harjo


bluegrrrrl said...

This is precisely why I love Joy Harjo.

"I will locate the point of dawning"...beautiful.

Thank you for this morning reflection--wonderful start to my day!

margaret said...

I love Joy Harjo too.