Monday, March 12, 2007

Margaret Views of the World

I am enjoying sending images out into the blogosphere, especially if it inspires people to look more closely at the world that surrounds them. And so, here are more Margaret views of the world!

I found myself hugging this rosemary bush quite a few times this weekend. I loved smelling its oils on my clothes and skin.

I do have my need for my urban fixes.

This is an urban fix image. I love the moist paper texture. I can almost smell the wood pole and staples that keep the saturated, nearly disintegrating paper in place.

A Portland Spring:
I can't remember what D., the botanist, called these plants.
I tried to capture the various species she mentioned as well as my love of textures.
And I will continue to tempt any readers with my upcoming Sauvie Island photos. Will they live up to expectation?


bluegrrrrl said...

I'm loving these images too!

I can almost smell the rosemary...

margaret said...

Thanks for stopping by bluegrrrl!

margaret said...
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