Friday, March 16, 2007


This is me in 2000 when I was in Guatemala. I dug it up as it inspires me. I miss this woman. I want to experience her energy again. I want to wear muddy smelly clothes for weeks and eat tortillas, beans, or something comparable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
It will take some time to prep but I have a goal and will do it.
Thanks to G, A, and L for pushing me to look inside my heart.


Wendy said...

Oh I LOVE this photo! Beautiful you!

Fay said...

Hi Margaret
Thanks for publishing this photo. It gives an idea hon how you may look today. Despite what you have wrote I can imagine that you still have lots of that wonderful look and perhaps a better matured one.
I have encountered you through Laure's bolg and read your discrete comments.
I like your dream catcher, many of your photos and enjoy reading your blog.
All the best for your determination in giving a new direction to your life.

margaret said...

Oh, Wendy and Fay,
You are kindred spirit bog friends :) And some are frightened by blog connections... I would never have connected with either one of you if it wasn't for this innovation that did not exist when we were born.
Much love and thanks,

Anonymous said...

Oh M, I miss you so much! I look at this picture almost everyday and wish you were still near...but I'm so glad you are following your heart and dreams...that makes me even happier than having you near...except when I'm feeling VERY selfish :)


margaret said...

I miss you too, A. I wish you were closer. Why don't you just move back to your favorite state? You have helped me follow my dreams by the way. I wouldn't out here miles from you if it wasn't for you! :)