Sunday, March 18, 2007

My world, this weekend at least

Today's post is just about me in my world. I bought this cactus the other day because it reminded me of Jean Dubuffet's work.

Sh. told me that these are actually two cactuses put together, the name of this process is escaping me. They do it to trees too.

I was walking around downtown today and was drawn to a vintage dress I saw in a store window. I used to wear vintage dresses all the time back when they were super cheap and I was slightly thinner and could fit into most of them.

As I was feeling womanly, girly, and/or just plain female and as I get a paycheck, I splurged on two. This blue dress is one of them.

I am even showing my current face in one because I am fed up with anonymity, today at least, and any stalker or protester who attempts ill will with this self revelation will simply be malled. I am Zorro after all (long story :) )

I have also found a way to utilize my remaining mole jar containers and the paper I have been making over the years. Candle containers... Hip Hip Hourah!

I am off to check on my rue and to attempt to catch up on L's e-mails.
Good night...


Coffee Messiah said...

Have you seen this?

Rivers & Tides - Andy Goldsworthy

DVD and if you enjoyed the rock art as you mentioned in your previous post, you'll enjoy this!

A friend made her own paper, and there's nothing quite like it!

Nice photos too!

bluegrrrrl said...

Great photos! I love all these glimpses into your world!

Wendy said...

oh margaret...the dress is lovely! i'm totally jealous.

margaret said...

Coffee Messiah,
I absolutely LOVE Andy Goldsworthy's work. I knew there was a film out but I haven't seen it. I should see if Netflix has it, even though that would mean supporting Walmart...

margaret said...

It's nice to hear from you.

margaret said...

Welcome. Yes, I am loving the dress too. I wanted to wear it today but I realized that all of my matching tights had huge runs in them. I'll try tomorrow. Tomorrow is management meeting day. Can't think of a better day to show up in a free spirit artist outfit :)