Sunday, March 25, 2007

Torbelino de emociones

I spent the weekend in Seattle. A new and difficult adventure, as I have already written.

These are some photos from this adventure. Not the first day along the cold windy beautiful yet grey skied Puget Sound, but from the second day when I took photos of the abundant green and blossoming nature of this wet city.
After this weekend, I am feeling very alive and whole in ways that I have never felt before.

At the same time, I am also feeling more exposed than I have ever been.

A raw vulnerability is what I am feeling. Perhaps this is the way my hands feel when I am determined not to use gloves in the middle of winter.
On my drive home between the repetitive playings of my one Dixie Chicks CD, I kept on thinking about Eve Ensler.

I am proposing that we reconceive the dream. That we consider what would happen if security were not the point of our existence. That we find freedom, aliveness, and power not from what contains, locates or protects us but from what, dissolves, reveals, and expands us.

- Eve Ensler

The thing is, I know how to live without security. I know how to push the envelope and I am sick of it. I want someone to care for me, nurture me, accept me for all that I am. That is the "expanding" that I need.
Despite my torbelino of feelings, I did stop and take these two last photos. What a geographically diverse state I live in. You can go from rain forest to high altiplano desert in a matter of an hour.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful person you are Margaret!! You amaze me with your capacity to shed the envelopes, barriers, walls that surround most people's lives! Continue being the way you are and remember one is always alone in some ways and maturity comes from accepting it even when it hurts! I am so happy you were able to have this meeting of souls! I could just imagine it and sense it from far away!

margaret said...

Thank you, E. It was a meeting of souls.
Miss you,

Coffee Messiah said...

Nice photos!
We are housesitting in Seattle for 2 weeks in May.
I moved from SF to the midwest, and going to S last year to house sit was refreshing and renewing. Especially all the green, mountains and the ocean.
We didn't have enough time to visit our friend in Portland, but will this time and come back through the coast.
BTW, if I'm reading the new post:
Don't look for Love, Love looks for You! Sounds silly, but seems to work! ; )

margaret said...

Thanks Coffee Messiah! No, I had actually given up looking. But I think I've found it. It's rather scary though.

woman wandering said...

Loved the quote ... thanks for posting :)