Sunday, April 15, 2007


...her wounds


from the same source as her power

-Adrienne Rich

I am loving The Dream of a Common Language.
As L. sleeps, I make collages.
And, yes, I will probably need to invest in a scanner at some point if I keep this collage thing up.
I realize that my collage postcard is blurry.

And because I can, I am including some more reds. Two former bags that are now pillows.
I crocheted the one that says "Paz" on it by the way...


woman wandering said...

Beautiful bags :)

woman wandering said...

Hmmm, I should have written 'beautiful bags, beautiful cushions', it's only I got caught in the idea of them as bags :)

Love the quote too.

MAHIMA said...

loving your blog.
love adrienne rich's poetry.
love the words you have on your sidebar.
glad to have discovered you.

margaret said...

Mahima, Glad that you have discovered my blog. Welcome.

margaret said...

Woman wandering, I liked them as bags too. They were just getting tattered. Plus, I only use one bag at a time and as pillows, I can look at them alot more often.
Good to hear from you.