Saturday, April 14, 2007

A brave sister

L. sent me another article the other day that I am just getting around to reading.
Cheers and support to Lydia Cacho Ribeiro for her crusade against child abuse and pornography in Mexico and for standing up to men in high places despite the fatal risks.
Thank you, sister, for risking your life to protect those of others.

It's Child Abuse Prevention Month, by the way.
Together, may we create a world free of such horrors.


Wendy said...

amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Her idealism and courage made me think of you.

Carol Gee said...

Your post reminded me of how much I admire brave people, particularly those who are vulnerable themselves. Bullies and abusers act out of inner cowardice and insecurity; often they have a physical advantage over the brave ones. What a pity, though I rarely have have pity for aggressors.

margaret said...

Thanks. If I only I would be as courageous as she is if faced with a similar challenge. It must be very hard on her family and loved ones though.

margaret said...

Carol Gee,
I worked with paerpetrators of domestic violence for a while and while I could see the factors that led to their behavior and was able to show compassion, I still considered them guilty and challenged them. I don't pity agressors either.